Nicolas Cage: I’m still inspired by Prince

December 20, 2018

Nicolas Cage continues to feel inspired by Prince.

The 54-year-old actor has revealed he still bases many of his decisions on the late singer’s unique approach to life - even though he barely knew him.

Nicolas explained: “It’s no secret that I’ve been, and still am, a huge fan of Prince. I thought, like many of us, that he was a pure artist.

“I would and still do think about what he would do - like if I have a question about, ‘Should I do this or should I do that?’

“I often think about what his perception would be even though I didn’t know him. But I was a fan and I would go to his concerts and the best concert I ever saw was in England.

“I wrote him a letter thanking him for the wonderful music - I found out that he liked Sherry and when I was in New York making a movie, I went to a store in New York and I bought a bottle of Sherry and I sent it to him with a note.”

Nicolas also met Prince - who died in April 2016 - at Sir Elton John’s Hollywood Oscar party, where the iconic musician declined to have his photograph taken with him.

Despite that incident, Nicolas remains a huge admirer of the ’1999′ hitmaker.

He told Collider: “I never ask anyone for a picture but I remember asking for one with Prince because of the monumental way that he motivated and inspired me.

“I asked him for a picture and he said, ‘No, I just can’t’ and I was in shock but I understood and I still love him. I had read some of his interviews and I knew that he didn’t like the idea of the photograph ‘taking his soul’.

“He was very sensitive about technology but I still find it amazing that I got to meet one of my heroes when we had that exchange.”

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