Beyond The Game Sheet With Goaltender Anthony Peters

November 25, 2018
Beyond The Game Sheet With Goaltender Anthony Peters

The team is celebrating past moments in honor of its 20th season. What’s a memory from your own career that stands out? This past fall, going to training camp with Pittsburgh. Everybody works hard to get there, and to be at that level was pretty special. You’re taking part in a dream 3-on-3 tournament. Which players, from any era, are you recruiting for your squad? Sid (Sidney Crosby), Bobby Orr and Wayne Gretzky. Goaltenders have a reputation of being very superstitious. Do you have a special routine or pattern you follow on a game night? Not really, no. Just as far as stretching and things like that. It’s the same dynamic warmup. If I feel a little tight or a little tired, depending on the weekend and the schedule, I might change it up a little bit. That’s more just a routine thing. I try to pride myself on not being too weird of a goalie. Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming in the crease and, if so, what do you think about? Oh man, you’d be surprised. You’re stuck by yourself there and stuck behind your helmet. I don’t know about the weirdest thing, but you can be thinking of anything sometimes. Usually, you try to be focused on the play and when the whistle goes, you try to just let your mind completely go. So, you can be doing anything as far as seeing some hot dogs in the stands or getting the smell of popcorn or something like that. What’s your favorite city to visit on the road? Providence. It’s got a lot of really good restaurants. It’s a cool part of the world — my cousin went to school there. And I just like the East Coast and all the history there. Who was your favorite player growing up and why? Patrick Roy. I just liked the way he ... he was unbelievable. He’d single-handedly win his team games. He’d have that quiet arrogance about him, that it was almost him against the world. He could really get into shooters’ heads. Some prefer playing cards or just watching movies and TV. What do you like to do on a long road trip? I usually watch movies, read books, listen to music. I’m not a big card guy. I sometimes get too intense and don’t want to create any feuds on the team. Is there a particular show you’ve been checking out lately? I’m into “Game of Thrones” right now, actually. I just finished season 6. I started in training camp, so I’ve been crushing that. — TYLER PICCOTTI

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