Threats in schools cause for concern

May 19, 2019

Threats and a rumor of a threat against schools in the area have many parents on edge as they worry about the safety of their children, according to comments posted by online readers on an article reporting on the latest incident.

The latest case has to do with an undisclosed rumor that began on social media Monday morning and resulted in the placement of additional law enforcement officers on the campus of Huntington High School. School and county officials worked with the Huntington Police Department to investigate the rumor, said Jedd Flowers, director of communications for Cabell County Schools, and HPD determined there was not a credible threat.

However, Flowers said the rumor was continuing to cause concern in the community, so additional officers were sent to the school for the remainder of the day, which continued as normal.

The HHS incident came about a week after a bomb threat was made against the Village of Barboursville Elementary School, causing students to be evacuated until officers cleared the scene, and two threats made against Cabell Midland High School in Ona in mid-April. An arrest was made in connection with one of the Cabell Midland threats.

Here is a sampling of readers’ comments regarding the HHS incident:

Tasha Mann: “All I got was a phone call, no info or anything!! I mean we as parents deserve more information. Rumor today maybe, could be reality tomorrow. Keep my kids safe!!!”

Sandra Sue Adkins: “I think all schools need more security. Things are just getting out of hand. Prayers for our kids.”

Kista Black: “The school and HPD do investigate. Can you imagine how long it takes to look into social media comments? Just because they don’t let the public know doesn’t mean they don’t investigate and/or take them seriously. Maybe not sharing social media posts that start with ‘I don’t know how true this is...’ is a good start.”

Christine Hicks Scarberry: “My daughter did not share it. She took it immediately to the principal and he told her it would not be investigated because it was posted on Snapchat. She was overlooked. And, yes, parents should be informed about any threat against their child. ... They need extra security every day. This was last week’s threat that no one heard about. My daughter told them about it and they over looked it. ... And now today’s threat. These kids need held accountable. As with the principal if they overlook these threats.”

TK Barker: “I would check with Marshall Police and the Marshall Office of Student Conduct for personal threats from friends or otherwise outside of the public schools. There are major issues with Marshall students creating havoc with neighbors including vindictive car vandalism if you involve the police or Marshall even over parking. Stalking, trespassing and threats are known to happen also. This threatening behavior also happens from residents in Huntington. We live in a scary world. We can’t always trust it’s a student hoax. The police are on murder and drug crime overload. However, I can’t imagine they would take lightly school bomb threats or otherwise. Unfortunately, even a threat to your face isn’t going to happen in front of the police.”

Jessie Wall: “Omg, I am so tempted to pull my son out of school today! Had I heard about this threat before now, he wouldn’t be in school today!”

Christine Hicks Scarberry: “Jessie Wall the only reason you’re hearing about today’s and not last week’s threat is because a parent reported it to WSAZ.”

Robin Johnson: “No arrests yet. they keep saying it was just a rumor and isn’t a threat. But they knew about this yesterday, and they should take it serious.”

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