Owyhee County Sheriff’s Office says it has potential suspects in officer impersonation case

September 6, 2018

More than three months after a man reportedly impersonated an officer and zip-tied four individuals near Jump Creek Falls, the Owyhee County Sheriff’s Office said it has possible suspects in the case, according to a report from CBS 2 News.

Owyhee County Sheriff’s Office reported in late August that a man, wearing a badge around his neck and claiming to be an officer, approached four adults, aged 18 to 20 who were visiting Jump Creek Falls. Four victims were zip-tied behind their backs against their will, according to the sheriff’s office.

One female victim was taken to the man’s vehicle and was able to escape her restraints and run back to her friends. The man fled in a vehicle described newer, light-colored, Chevrolet type four-door sedan, according to police.

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