Tomball hospital pays tribute to late nurse

November 27, 2018

The Tomball Regional Medical Center honored one of its late nurses with pink petunias, mums and other flowers planted in a courtyard on the ground floor.

Margarita Enriquez remembered working with her colleague, Rosanna “Sunsi” Brual when she started working at the hospital in 2004.

“We were the youngest in that unit. I relied on her for support. She was very knowledgeable about things because she had been there a while. I came to her for support,” Enriquez said.

Both nurses had been recruited from the Philippines and became friends from working together in the critical care unit.

During an outing with both of their families, Brual told her that a recent mammogram had shown an abnormality.

Brual had already scheduled a visit with a doctor, who confirmed a breast cancer diagnosis.

“I think she already had an idea. We didn’t know the extent of the disease until two days after,” Enriquez said.

Three years after her initial diagnosis, Brual died from breast cancer in 2016.

Despite her illness, Enriquez said Brual unfailingly showed up to work to tend to patients while undergoing treatment until she was unable to keep going.

“The (hospital) administration saw the dedication. She wouldn’t skip work even when she was able. She was using a cane, in a wheelchair. She didn’t have hair, she didn’t care. She would go to work,” she said.

To honor her efforts, Tomball Regional Medical Center created a memorial garden in her memory and rededicated it to her in October as a way to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Brual’s husband, Angelo along with their children, Syril and Sian, helped plant some of the flowers in the courtyard.

“It felt like it would be a nice commemoration to dedicate the garden to her,” said Ryan Henry, chief operating officer.


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