Cardboard box car drive-in to be held Friday

August 24, 2018
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Joseph Villa helps Cadence Cunnington build her cardboard box car

Three years ago, Rick Cunnington, associate pastor of worship and family at Hucrest Community Church of God, was emailed a photo.

The picture showed kids sitting in cardboard cars watching a movie that was projected on a large white sheet. Cunnington pitched the idea to other church officials, and ever since, the Cardboard Box Car Drive-In has been a yearly tradition for the Hucrest church and others in the neighborhood.

“We tossed the idea to our students and our students have just loved it. They’re the ones saying ‘hey, we need to do this again,’” Cunnington said.

Last year, more than 40 people of all ages gathered to watch “BFG.” According to Cunnington, the event is a hit with middle schoolers, high schoolers and young kids alike. This year’s film will be “The Greatest Showman,” a movie Cunnington said was a unanimous decision.

“I like the movie and all the sugar we get,” said 8-year-old Hannah Cunnington.

Last Friday, the Cunningtons and other members of the church gathered to create new box cars. Noah Cunnington created a transformer-like car with a paint job similar to Lightning McQueen. Hannah chose to create a rendition of her father’s white truck truck. Other cars were pulled from storage for anyone to use.

“We want kids, we want families; kids, adults, grandmas and grandpas,” Rick Cunnington said. “We want them all together.”

The Cardboard Box Car Drive-In begins at 8 p.m. on Friday and is open to all ages in the community. Popcorn will be available and movie-goers are welcome to bring their own food.

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