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Call Denver Airport and Get Some Guy Named John

February 2, 1996

DENVER (AP) _ Dial the number of Denver International Airport in the white pages and you’ll get some guy named John.

John Palombo of Commerce City runs a landing strip for remote-controlled model planes he calls Denver International Airport.

``I was going to call it Commerce City Airport,″ but it just didn’t have the same ring, he said.

The number for the real DIA is correctly listed in U S West Direct’s new Yellow Pages, but not in 1.1 million copies of the 1995-96 White Pages.

Bob Lea of Littleton called Palombo’s number Wednesday to find out which terminal level he should use for arrivals. Ralph Hughes of Denver asked about transporting baggage in extremely cold weather.

``About 99.9 percent of my calls are for big DIA,″ Palombo said.

The real DIA’s listing was mistakenly dropped from the white pages after the phone company canceled the account for Denver’s Stapleton Airport, which closed when DIA opened about a year ago.

``It was human error. It shouldn’t have happened. But it did,″ said company spokeswoman Susan Poulos.

Big DIA’s chief lawyer, Lee Marable, said: ``Somebody blew it, and we’ve got to fix it, if only as a public service.″

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