New mentorship program, ‘Link Crew,’ offered at Scottsbluff High School

August 18, 2018

SCOTTSBLUFF — Freshman and upper classmen are being linked together in Scottsbluff High School’s new Link Crew program, which will began its inaugural year on Thursday.

The program creates small groups of 10freshman who are mentored by two juniors or senors throughout the year, to help acclimate the new students to their surroundings. The program is coordinated by teachers Mariah Webb and Denise Abts.

“We want to create a positive and kind school culture,” Webb said.

On Thursday, the freshman and link leaders met at the high school gym to from their link crew groups and began the mentoring process. The freshmen also went through a series of activities to get them ready for life in high school.

“All the activities are metaphors for high school,” she said. “They teach things like making the right choices, getting involved, knowing that if you make a mistake that everything’s OK, that you’re going to struggle but you’re also going to have successes.”

They were also given a tour of the high school and the freshmen academy by their leaders.

Throughout the rest of the year, the link leaders take classes learning new curriculum and activities to help their freshman get through high school. The leaders will meet with their groups of freshmen on every other Friday.

“We encourage them to meet after school and go activities together,” Webb said.

The link leaders were selected from a list compiled by SHS teachers in March.

“We asked teachers to come up with a list of students that they knew were kind and compassionate and would make great leaders,” Webb said.

The mentors will also be available to the freshman

“If these freshmen ever have issues and they’re afraid to go to an adult, they have their junior or senior to go to,” she said.

Abts said the program should also help freshmen be comfortable in their new school.

“We’re hoping that these link leaders will say hi to them in the hallways,” she said. “It creates an inclusive environment and create a kind and compassionate climate.”

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