NPS getting ready for first day of school

August 17, 2018

NORFOLK - The first day of school at Norfolk Public is coming up with kids, teachers, and administrators getting geared up for it.

At the Board of Education meeting Monday night administrators gave an update in regards to the progress of getting ready for school.

Director of Teaching and Learning Beth Nelson says everyone she has talked to and helped get ready for the start of the school year seem ready.

“Buildings and teachers should all have their school supplies and their technology is working. We always have some last minute things where we have more kids in certain places than we anticipate so we have to get that shifted around, but we’ll be ready to go soon. Training has been fantastic, we’ve evolved our scheduling and offerings.”

Director of Human Resources and Accreditation Mike Hart says this past week NPS had new to the district staff training that went very well.

There were open houses for the start of the new school year Tuesday night with another one for all elementary schools from 5:30 to 6:30 this Wednesday evening.

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