Seniors have new services for behavioral health in Torrington

October 5, 2018

TORRINGTON — Banner Health Community Hospital in Torrington is offering new services designed specifically for seniors including cardiopulmonary respiratory rehabilitation and behavioral health. The program, called Banner Generations, launched Sept. 6 and is designed to meet the unique needs of the growing senior population in Torrington and surrounding areas.

Banner Generations is made up of two different and distinct outpatient programs: outpatient cardiopulmonary respiratory rehab services and intensive outpatient behavioral health services. The cardiopulmonary rehabilitation is designed to optimize patients’ physical, psychological and social skills through exercise conditioning, strength training, activities of daily living, diet, education, relaxation, and emotional support. This program can help seniors who have had heart attack, heart disease, heart surgery, and/or chronic obstructive and restrictive lung diseases such as COPD, emphysema, chronic bronchitis and asthma.

The structured, intensive outpatient behavioral health program focuses on enhancing the patient’s coping skills through group, family and individual therapy. Sessions address anxiety, depression, psychosis, bipolar disorder, complicated grief, difficulty adjusting to life changes, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Care also includes medication management and psychiatric treatments with a psychiatrist. For either service, patients do not need a referral, they can self-refer to either or both programs based on their individual needs.

The new program is headed by Melanie Wolfe, LCSW. As a licensed clinical social worker and therapist, Wolfe has extensive experience working with adults and families as well as seniors. As program director for Banner Generations she will provide oversight, evaluate and run group outpatient sessions and work with patients one-on-one.

“As a therapist, my drive has always been to help people make changes in their lives,” said Wolfe. “Seniors are a valuable part of our community and providing them with the opportunity to work on their health and wellbeing through highly specialized programming is invaluable. I am excited to be part of Banner Generations, working with this population and helping them through the life changes they’re dealing with.”

Banner Generations provides a team approach for seniors to help them improve their quality of life. Banner Generations works to provide specialized and individualized care to meet seniors where they are currently at in their lives and offers a safe environment for patients to be around other people facing similar situations.

For additional information about Banner Generations or to schedule an evaluation to join one of the programs, call 307-534-7114.

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