Havasu man accused of violating no-contact order

April 5, 2019

A Lake Havasu City man is in the city jail after he was accused of violating a no-contact order against a woman during a recent incident.

According to city police, Robert Colton Main, 54, was arrested at about 10:30 a.m. Saturday, March 30, at a Palisades Drive residence after they said he showed up at a woman’s home and rang the doorbell repeatedly despite a court order that prohibits him from being there. The order was in relation to a domestic violence incident.

The woman called 911 and said that Main was outside her home, had rung the doorbell several times and was standing outside whistling. She also said he had called her repeatedly before showing up and the messages had filled her voicemail. A dispatcher said she could hear the bell being rung while she was on the phone with the victim. The victim said he also tried to open the front door, which was locked.

She said she called the police because she wasn’t sure what he’d do.

According to authorities, a valid no-contact order had been served on Main March 25.

Police also spoke with a man who allegedly had driven Main to the woman’s residence. He said he lived In Bullhead and Main had called him to ask him to take him to the hospital in Lake Havasu. He picked up Main from the hotel where he stayed, but before they arrived at the hospital, Main said he needed to go to the woman’s residence to get medication.

The woman said that Main had called her Friday and accused her of cheating on him and that he needed money for hotels.

Police said the woman was counseled on Mohave County resources available to her in relation to the incident.

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