SAUSALITO, Calif. (AP) _ More than 100 young sea lions have turned up starving or sick because a warm ocean current known as El Nino disrupted their food supply, say workers at a marine mammal center.

The warming has interrupted the normal upwelling of ocean currents that bring up food. Adult sea lions can dive deeper to find food, but the yearlings are often unable to cope, said biologists at the Marine Mammal Center in this San Francisco suburb.

''Most of these sea lions are swimming hundreds of miles in search of nourishment,'' said biologist Lance Morgan.

Denize Springer, a spokeswoman for the center, said more than 100 sea lions have been rescued in the last two weeks on Northern California beaches.

The center has had to build temporary pens for the sea lions because it is filled to capacity with 125 stranded elephant seal and harbor seal pups, she said.

''We've never had a crisis like this,'' Springer said.