Fremont County Search and Rescue responds to pair of winter emergencies

January 8, 2019

ISLAND PARK -- Fremont County Search and Rescue rescued two missing snowmobilers from Rexburg Thursday night.

The snowmobiles were stuck in a creek drainage on Sawtelle Peak, unable to move due to poor snow conditions. The snowmobilers attempted many times to get themselves out but were unsuccessful, officials said.

Search and Rescue was dispatched to the scene at 5:44 p.m.

One of the individuals hiked up a mountain road to call for help and was picked up by a worker coming down from a radar tower, who brought him to the base, according to a press release. Later, the second rider hiked up to Sawtelle Peak road. According to the press release, the second rider had contacted a family member letting them know he made it to the road and that he was cold.

A Fremont County deputy, along with a member of Search and Rescue, rode to the second rider’s location and transported him to the base.

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