Cougars handed first loss of season

September 20, 2018

LAUGHLIN — The homecoming football game started well but did not end well for Laughlin Junior Senior High School.

The visiting Calvary Chapel Lions handed the Laughlin Cougars their first loss of the season and a dose of reality with a 49-16 loss.

The Cougar defense came onto the field first and stopped the Lions before they could make a move.

Laughlin turned around and drove down the field for a touchdown and two-pint conversions by Diego Trujillo, bringing the score to 8-0 with 7:33 on the clock.

Calvary answered with their own drive. The run didn’t work but a long yardage pass put the Lions on the board, bringing the score to 8-7 after the extra point was kicked with 5:56 on the board.

The Cougars again put together a drive and rushing touchdown by Axel Valdez. Trujillo made the two-point conversion with 3:33 left on the clock.

The Lions answered with their own touchdown. They kicked the extra point and brought the score to 16-14 with 2:24 left in the first quarter.

It was downhill from there for the Cougars.

The Cougars couldn’t get another drive going before the end of the first quarter. The Lions on the other hand, managed one more touchdown with an extra point with 0:03 left on the clock, bringing the score to 21-16.

Turnovers and penalties for both teams rounded out the first half of the game. The Calvary Lions put up seven more points by the end of the second quarter, making the score 30-16.

The second half turned into an onslaught of touchdowns by Calvary and injuries compounded mistakes by the Cougars.

“I told the boys we’re starting to get into the part of the schedule where the big boys are coming in,” coach Tom Sattler said.

Calvary Chapel is a conference team and the 2A South is a tough conference, he said.

The team got a bit dinged up, which didn’t help things, Sattler continued.

“But that’s football — next guy up, gotta perform,” he said. “I tell the guys all the time you’re either a butt chewing or an injury away from being in there so you gotta be prepared.”

Calvary Chapel made a few changes defensively and Laughlin wasn’t able to figure it out, the coach said.

Following halftime the Cougars were down by two touchdowns forcing them to spread things out a bit and throw the ball, Sattler added.

“They eventually just took over,” he said. “They are definitely a lot better than last year.”

There were a lot of emotions and tempers got the best of the players on both sides, said Sattler, who is always talking to the boys about learning to shake things off.

“Unfortunately they fell into that trap a couple of times,” said Sattler. “It cost us pretty big on one of them. We had a drive going and it ended up being a drive killer.”

That translated into a long run and impacted play, he said.

“There were certain points in the game we didn’t handle adversity well,” said Sattler. “We start to let our heads hang — the thing I’m trying to get us away from doing, the things we did in the 2A South.”

There are growing pains with a young team, he said.

The good news with this game is those younger players now have experience because the schedule doesn’t get any easier, said Sattler.

The Cougar schedule pits them against four more conference teams and Spring Mountain next week will be a big challenge, he said.

The question this week is how or if they rebound from this, said Sattler.

Malik Ksouri was injured during the game and was done for the night. The team is hoping he’ll be able to come back next week, Sattler said.

Trujillo hobbled some during the game but that’s more bumps and bruises and he is expected to be able to play next week, he continued.

The Cougars travel to Las Vegas Friday, Sept. 21 to take on Spring Mountain Eagles at 3 p.m.

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