Time Person of the Year, Kushner as chief of staff: Darcy cartoon

December 14, 2018

Time Person of the Year, Kushner as chief of staff: Darcy cartoon

CLEVELAND, Ohio --Time magazine has chosen killed and imprisoned journalists as its 2018 ‘Person of the Year.’

Assassinated Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi is on one of several different covers featuring journalists.

My nomination for ‘Pariah of the Year’ is Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, who the CIA concluded ordered Khashoggi’s brutal killing.

For “Pawn of the Year” I nominate Jared Kushner, who MBS bragged about having in his pocket to UAE crown prince Mohammed bin Zayed.

The New York Times recently reported on how the Saudi crown prince had targeted Kushner two years ago as a Trump administration member to exploit.

Crown prince MBS and crown prince Kushner became chummy, speaking on a first name-basis on WhatsApp, before and after the Khashoggi killing and the CIA finding MBS ordered it.

Kushner has reportedly been the strongest defender of MBS in White House deliberations on how to respond the Khashoggi’s killing and the involvement of MBS.  The New York Times reports that Saudi sources say Kushner has “offered the crown prince advice on how to weather the storm.”

In a recent interview on Fox News, Kushner talked about the need to get to the bottom of the Khashoggi assassination without ever mentioning that the CIA had already done so.

WhatsApp is a messaging app owned by Facebook.  Kushner was often privately communicating on it with MBS without the knowledge of the Secretary of State or National Security Adviser.   Kushner’s and White House lawyers have now advised Kushner to stop using WhatsApp.

Crown prince chum/pawn, Kushner, now wants to be chief of staff.

The person responsible for enforcing protocols and making sure Kushner doesn’t talk to MBS without a State Department or NSA staffer present, is The White House chief of staff.  Which is why it’s troubling to hear  that the new chief of staff must be approved by Kushner and Ivanka Trump, and that Kushner is vying to be named chief of staff himself.

Bird of the Year

If Time had a “Bird of the Year” top candidates would be the Republican flock of Ostrich in Congress with their heads buried in denial over the Russia investigation.  Sen. Orrin Hatch was speaking for them when he responded to the Mueller and SNDY filings, implicating Trump in two felonies, by saying “I don’t care.”

During the campaign Trump said he could shoot someone on a New York City street and his poll numbers would go up.  Apparently Trump could  also shoot someone on the floors of Congress and Republicans would blame “Witch Hunting”  Democrats.

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