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Dukakis: Global accord needed on use of AI by governments

August 9, 2018

BOSTON (AP) — Is self-driving government in the future?

Former Massachusetts governor and one-time Democratic presidential nominee Michael Dukakis doesn’t think so. But he’s jumping into the debate over artificial intelligence in an effort to ensure the rapidly growing technology is used responsibly by governments around the world.

The 84-year-old recently co-founded Artificial Intelligence World Society, a project that aims to bring scientists, academics, government officials and industry leaders together to make sure AI serves the best interests of humanity.

To that end, Dukakis advocates international controls around the use of AI by governments. He suggests the United Nations establish a body, along the lines of the International Atomic Energy Agency, to pursue global agreements among governments that AI be used for constructive purposes only.

Dukakis says AI can help humans govern, but can’t replace human decision-makers.

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