The signing of the Kosovo peace plan sets in motion a number of steps to be taken to end the Kosovo conflict:

_Belgrade says it will begin pulling out its forces from Kosovo on Thursday. Yugoslavia has 11 days to withdraw all police, paramilitary and military forces. As they withdraw, Yugoslav forces must remove land mines and booby traps.

_NATO airstrikes will be suspended once Yugoslavia's compliance with the agreement can be verified. The air campaign will be terminated when the withdrawal is complete.

_The U.N. Security Council and NATO's political body, the North Atlantic Council, must formally approve an order for the peacekeeping mission to start.

_British peacekeepers will be the first to enter Kosovo. The first contingent of U.S. peacekeepers are expected to follow shortly after.

_A 50,000-strong peacekeeping force to ensure the safe return of refugees will be sent into Kosovo, along with its rules of engagement.

_The U.N. War Crimes Tribunal is preparing to send investigators into Kosovo along with a peacekeeping force to gather evidence of war crimes, including widespread murder and rape.

_The complicated process of repatriating ethnic Albanian refugees will begin. Some 860,000 people, mostly ethnic Albanians, have fled Kosovo since NATO's air attack began March 24.