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Where Are The Big Lottery Winners Today? With PM-Lotto, Bjt

September 8, 1988

Undated (AP) _ Here are what some big state lottery winners of the past are doing now:

- Donald R. Woomer Sr., a plastering contractor, and Linda K. Despot, a bookkeeper, from Hollidaysburg, Pa., won $46 million in the Pennsylvania Lottery on Oct. 14, 1987. Their attorney, Larry Lashinsky, says they retired. They garden in their yard, visit relatives and tend to Ms. Despot’s child by her previous marriage.

″They really haven’t done anything extraordinary or extravagant by any means,″ Lashinsky said.

- Three winners - 23 people - shared a $41 million New York state lottery jackpot on Aug. 21, 1985. Joseph Moore, 39, of Brooklyn, still works as a computer consultant. Debbie Turcotte, 32, of Troy, a housewife, quit her part- time job as a waitress to take care of her family.

Most of the 21 factory workers who shared a third of the prize still are employed in the machine shop of Hantscho Inc., of Mount Vernon, N.Y., which makes web offset presses.

- Pasquale Consalvo, 60, of New York, won $30.5 million in the New York lottery on Jan. 18, 1986. He retired from his mason’s job and lives on Staten Island with his family, spending part of the winter in Florida.

- Louis Eisenberg, 62, of Brooklyn won $5 million in the New York lottery in 1981, and promptly retired from his $225-a-week job changing light bulbs in Manhattan office buildings. He bought an ocean-front condo in his native Brooklyn, where he lives with his wife. He travels widely.

- Curtis Sharp, 57, of Newark, N.J., won $5 million in the New York lottery in 1982 - he showed up to claim his prize with the wife he was divorcing as well as his fiance - but still works as a supervisor at a New Jersey automobile plant. During the Ethiopia hunger crisis he organized a food airlift and accompanied the flight to Africa.

Sharp and Eisenberg have appeared in New York lottery advertisements.

- Four construction workers who shared $28 million in the Jan. 20 Pennsylvania lottery quit their jobs at IMA Construction in Mechanicsburg. Three of the winners, Bryan Ferry, 27, of Pine Grove, his brother, Todd, of Lebanon, and Gerald Walsh, 46, of Ebervale, no longer are listed in the local telephone directories, and the fourth winner, Frank Rubinic, of Oberlin, has an unlisted telephone number and could not be reached.

- Two winners - 49 people - split a $26 million Pennsylvania lottery jackpot in 1987. Some of the 20 produce workers in Scranton and 29 Philadelphia school workers have taken extra trips or purchased new cars.

″We’re still working,″ said Marlene Laderman, one of the 29 winning workers at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School. The annual lottery check for the 29 is $13,818.34 each. ″It was nice winning, but it’s not enough to allow anyone to retire,″ she said.

At the Joseph Notarianni & Co. produce warehouse in Scranton, most of the winners are still working at the same jobs, according to one of the winners, James Hart. Two winners quit after the drawing to start their own car business.

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