From music to art, see his inspiration

July 13, 2018

Tom Lowery, 40, originally from Wichert, grew up taking art classes at St. Anne High School with teacher Leon Savage. Everything after that was self-taught.

His future work as an artist has come to be sporadic. Now living and teaching in Chicago, Lowery will be hosting a closing reception of his latest art exhibition, ”Inspiration,” this Saturday at Feed Arts & Cultural Center.

The Daily Journal recently chatted with Lowery about his work, the reception and his love for music.

How many pieces are in your exhibition?

There are 15 pieces centered on musicians that have inspired me. Another day could bring another group of artists that have inspired me.

How would you describe the artwork?

This show is a resolution to images I’ve been creating sporadically for myself or giving to friends. Mixed media came to me through a lack of materials more than conscious choice. Now I relate to the media, as I feel unrestricted by need for a certain product.

What do you hope viewers get out of the artwork?

I would like viewers to relate their own stories or memories of the musicians displayed to the pieces and share the message of inspiration with others, which may provide them with their own sense of direction. I regularly talk to students about pursuing what makes them happy and not getting caught up in job equals money.

How long did it take to complete the work?

Some pieces have been sitting around for maybe years, and others I finished up until the show. I like best to work a little at a time, leave it alone and forget about it. When I go back, I have the memory of what attracted me to draw the musician in the first place.

At the closing reception, will the pieces be on sale?

Most of the art is for sale, excluding one piece. I’m hoping for an enjoyable closing reception on Saturday, and look forward to sending the pieces to new homes. For anyone who checks it out and would like a piece, but does not see their favorite musician, I‘d be glad to do something special for them, and they can simply reach out during the closing reception.

You’ll be performing in a jazz trio for the reception. How did you find a love for music?

This question could go on and on or anywhere. I’ll simply say that music brings me great joy. Listen to an Art Blakey press roll that leads into his shuffle; you can’t describe it!

Similar is my love and respect for my instrument, the drums. I look back to my dedication as a young drummer, carrying my bass drum from Grecian’s Music Store on West Station where I had done work to a laundromat on South Washington where my mom was. I made this journey just so I could play that evening. I continue to look for opportunities to grow as a musician and also share this joy through playing live.

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