Daughter traveling to Turkey

August 30, 2018

If your daughter goes into anthropology as an occupation, it is expected that you will be in for some interesting letters from her. That is the case of our third daughter who graduated with an anthropology degree in May and is headed to Istanbul, Turkey until next May.

If your daughter goes into anthropology, you’ll probably be looking at a world map more often than before, and you’ll be saying good bye at airports more than you’d like to. I’m getting to know what the best parking spot is in Eppley Airport’s parking garage.

It’s been an interesting process already. Our daughter will be teaching English at a university near Istanbul. She showed us an online video of the town she’ll be working in, and from the view of the drone that shot the video, the town looks as if it could be Hastings, but next to a large lake.

This is a bit surprising since the history of the area goes back to 600 BC. (Does its former name — Constantinople —ring a bell?) For that reason we weren’t quite expecting to see the modern highways and tall apartment buildings.

The Turkish lira right now is at a favorable trading rate compared to the U.S. dollar, which means our daughter should get a good amount of lira for her dollar. This will be helpful as she is going to have to spend a bit of lira when she gets there.

The airline into Turkey allows one carry-on and one check-in bag, each with a weight limit of about 35 pounds. Her suitcase weighs nearly 7 pounds, which didn’t leave her with a lot of weight for heavy things like boots or shampoo. She took only the basic necessities for the next nine months.

We’re thinking it will be cheaper for her to buy winter clothes there when the weather gets colder instead of us shipping a box of her sweaters and pants in a couple of months.

She’s going to check the lira and clothing store situation when she gets there and let us know. She’ll be learning to live with just a few things than she’s used to, that’s for sure.

I haven’t convinced her dad, but I would really like to go visit her while she’s over there. If she can navigate a flight from Baltimore to Iceland to Germany and then to Istanbul, then we can, too.

One of my first goals is to set my weather app to show weather in Madison and Lincoln; Bradenton, Fla.; and Istanbul, Turkey. I still like to send our kids’ weather alerts in case they aren’t paying attention to what the clouds are doing.

Turkey is six hours ahead of us, so I’ll be waking her up if I see a lightning storm headed her way at 5 p.m. our time.

It’s going to be an interesting year.

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