Let civility and reason prevail

April 9, 2019

I read with dismay the opposition to Heather Wilson as the next president of University of Texas at El Paso. Let me offer my opinion. Heather Wilson is an excellent choice; our loss is El Paso’s gain. She has served admirably by all accounts, and served our nation well as secretary of the Air Force (“Air Force secretary is stepping down,” March 9).

Shrill voices should not derail this issue. They seem to be protesting on two fronts: local Community First Coalition are decrying she’s not Hispanic, implying she is not capable of representing Hispanics; while the other voices are from the LGBTQ community touting proof from way back in time — the 1990s — of just how noninclusive Wilson is.

First, regarding the so-called Community First Coalition — they do not represent all Hispanics. Some Hispanics prefer the rule of law. Second, regarding the LGBTQ opposition, let the purge begin!

We’ll start with former President Barack Obama. He believed marriage is between a man and a woman (as did Hillary Clinton) until about 2010 or thereabouts. According to today’s standard, this “crime” must not go unpunished. Every sign on every elementary school with Obama’s name must go. Because Michelle Obama seemingly agreed with him, all references to her must go.

New Mexico State University — thought you were safe? Not so. Our university named Dan Arvizu, Ph.D., as the university system’s next chancellor and John D. Floros, Ph.D., as NMSU president. Now it’s time for them to go. I assure you, when we delve into these two miscreants’ past, we will find that both of them (perhaps when they were just 11 years old) believed a marriage is between a man and a woman. Resign now, the both of you. Pistol Pete, the NMSU mascot, better saddle up.

Can civility, reason and rational thought prevail anymore?

Richard Reynaud is a retired federal worker and resident of Las Cruces.