TRENTON, N.J. (AP) _ A Princeton University music professor suing Smashing Pumpkins over their concert's noise level has received raucous feedback from fans of the alternative rock band.

Peter Jeffery, a Gregorian chant expert, said Tuesday he has received nasty e-mails and telephone calls calling him ``a jerk'' and ``stupid.''

``You join the ranks of the cretins who sue McDonald's for serving coffee too hot,'' reads one e-mail from a Smashing Pumpkins fan in Liverpool, England. ``You should be ashamed of yourself.''

Jeffery, who is suing the band members, concert promoters and an ear plug manufacturer, says he suffered hearing damage while attending a 1997 Smashing Pumpkins concert with his 12-year-old son.

The band has declined comment on the lawsuit.

Jeffery, 45, said the damage is permanent and has affected his professional work because it is difficult for him to focus on music he is studying.

Jeffery said about 20 people have either phoned or e-mailed him since news reports of the lawsuit surfaced late last week.

``I can't believe the lawsuit is true,'' said a message on a telephone voice mail. ``It's the most ridiculous, stupid thing I've ever heard of. You probably just hate your job. ... It so frustrated me I had to track you down because I think it's just total crap.''