Third member of Hemingway council resigns in little more than a month

March 19, 2019

HEMINGWAY, S.C. – A third member of the Hemingway Town Council has resigned.

Councilman Douglas G. Joy Jr. announced his resignation in a one-sentence letter: “After speaking with counsel, I hereby effective today March 18, 2019, resign my position as a Hemingway Town Council member.”

He said through a Facebook message Tuesday that when he was asked to run for a seat on the town council, he said he would be able to do it as long as it did not interfere with his line of work.

“It began taking too much of my time on a daily basis as I am in real estate and it in itself is a full-time job,” Joy said in the message. “That is basically it. It was just overloading me and interfering with my work. Phone calls all day long and at night and on weekends too for complaints and concerns about the needs of the town and its citizens.”

Joy was elected to the council in July.

In February, Hemingway Mayor Grady Richardson and Councilman John Coker resigned.

Richardson said in a letter that he could not be effective as mayor without the support of the majority of the council to question the actions of the administrator. Coker said the negative atmosphere within and around the town council led him to make a hard decision. He said his last six months as a councilman were not enjoyable or productive.

Filing is open until 5 p.m. on March 29 for candidates who want to fill Richardson’s and Coker’s seats. A special election is scheduled for May 14 at the Hemingway Town Hall.

Hemingway Administrator Joe Lee said he is unsure whether an election for Joy’s seat could also be held on May 14.

“We’ve got four (councilmen) left, so that’s enough,” Lee said. “We’ll go on without them until the election.”

Right now, Lee said, he is unsure how the election will play out.

Lee said there is both good and bad in the town of Hemingway, like with all things.

“People are going to talk regardless of what you do,” Lee said.