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Social Security Withdraws Demand For $31,000

October 2, 1987

OWATONNA, Minn. (AP) _ With a little prodding from the White House, the Social Security Administration has dropped its efforts to reclaim more than $31,000 paid to a mentally retarded dishwasher.

The agency ruled in 1985 that Alden Keiski, 30, was disabled and had been entitled to monthly payments since 1980. He was given a lump settlement of more than $22,000, and has received monthly payments totaling $9,000 since then.

In August, the agency decided that Keiski was not entitled to the money because he was able to work.

Keiski’s parents then began writing letters, including one to the White House.

On Wednesday, June Walsh of the White House staff notified the man’s mother, Faye Keiski, that the government was dropping its repayment demand and that benefits would be restored until Keiski began working full-time.

Ben Jarratt, an assistant press secretary at the White House, told the Owatonna People’s Press that President Reagan read a letter from the Keiskis and intervened on their behalf with the Social Security Administration.

″It’s almost as exciting as the Twins getting into the playoffs,″ Keiski told the Star Tribune of Minneapolis. ″I trust people. I thought it would happen all along. It’s wonderful.″