Lisa Hinman: Other takeaways from Mueller

April 13, 2019

Editor: This is a reply to the letter about the Mueller report that appeared in Friday’s News-Herald. The letter from Attorney General Barr came just 48 hours after Barr received the 400 page document from Mueller.

That is not enough time to come to a conclusion. The four page memo did not exonerate Trump for obstruction of justice. The memo did say that Russia interfered with our election. So, the investigation was a good thing.

The letter writer said all the investigators are lobbyists and Democrats. He is probably not aware that Mueller is a Republican, and you have no way of knowing that the attorneys are Democrats.

He might also not be aware that the inspector general, is already investigating the investigators.

I conclude that the investigation was a good thing. I would hope that you would agree unless you are okay that other countries can medal in our elections and internal affairs. The Democratic congress is simply doing their jobs. They are the oversight to the executive branch. If the Russians had not medal in our election, the investigation might not have happened. With the advent of the internet, this nation, the nation with the strongest military in the world, can be subverted from within. Just as the Roman Empire rotted from within, we too can be victims to the same fate. Transparency within government and pursuit of the truth is vital to our long term national survival.

Lisa Hinman

Lake Havasu City