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N.J. Community Approves Restrictions on Hot Dog Vendor

September 28, 1989

HADDONFIELD, N.J. (AP) _ The borough’s Board of Commissioners has ordered the community’s only hot dog vendor to keep his buns moving.

Under an ordinance passed unanimously Tuesday, Steve Bodner must move his hot dog cart at least 25 feet every 15 minutes and cannot return to his original location for at least an hour.

Bodner is the only vendor in the borough of about 12,000 residents, just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. Merchants complained when Bodner set up his cart, saying his cheaper prices threatened their business.

″We’re not against Mr. Bodner; we are against peddlers,″ said Joan Aiken. ″The citizens of this town want no vendors, no peddlers.″

But Bodner holds a peddler’s license under a 1901 statute that allows veterans to sell their wares anywhere in the state. In July, a Superior Court judge struck down as unconstitutionally vague a borough zoning ordinance prohibiting vendors.

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