Court Notes 10/4/18

October 4, 2018

DOMESTIC RELATIONS Judge Tina P. Gartley, presiding Wednesday over Luzerne County Domestic Relations Contempt Court, issued warrants for the following defendants for failure to pay child support: n Richard Leonard Jr., PO Box 271, Harleigh; $4,735, five months, in two cases. n Junior Garcia, 511 W. 9th St., Hazleton; $9,858, five months. n John P. Barker, 2619 state Route 487, Orangeville; $3,419, five months. n Bartolo Vergara-Tlatenchi, 83 Wilkes Lane, Wilkes-Barre; $32,062, five months. n Michael Reilly, 26 Hartman Road, Hunlock Road; $1,082, five months. Warrants were issued for the following defendants: n John A. Reed Jr., 710 N. Locust St., Hazleton; $7,937. n Billy Santana, 640 Seybert St., rear, Hazleton; $1,705. n Jemel Morse, 229 Horton St., Wilkes-Barre; $1,180, in two cases. n Mykel Powell, 81 Hutson St., Wilkes-Barre; $705, in two cases. n Aaron Good, 33 S. Dawes Ave., Kingston; $34,176, in two cases. n John Streussnig III, 421 E. 3rd St., Apartment B, Berwick; $3,185, in two cases. n Jamal Q. Mitchell Jr., 498 N. Main St., second floor, rear, Wilkes-Barre; $1,8113. n Eric Creveling, no address listed; $732. n Debra Haines, 43 Saratoga Court, Wilkes-Barre; $65,464. n Heath D. Smith, 46 Spring Hill Drive, Hunlock Creek; $7,450. n Brian Brotzman, 28 W. Blaine St., McAdoo; $8,614. n Robert Duffy, 222 Lampman St., Avoca; $2,359. n Jamie Coulter, 97 W. Saint Mary’s Road, Hanover Twp.; $395. n Kelly Wilkinson, 76 S. Main St., Unit 1, Carbondale; $1,291. n Andrew Drury, 67 Downing St., Plymouth; $3,435. n John Gallagher, 141 Broad St., Pittston; $2,400. n Kyle Wilbur, 403 S. Sherman St.; $13,004. n William Whittaker, 527 N. Vine St., Hazleton; $1,400. n Wesley Clark, 51 N. Fulton, Wilkes-Barre; $20,095. n Gabriel Hernandez Brioso, c/o 596 McKinley St., Hazleton; $1,949. n James Czerniakowski, 31 W. Sidney St., Wilkes-Barre; $1,500. Anyone with information on the defendants listed is asked to call the Luzerne County Domestic Relations tipline at 570-606-3000. PROPERTY TRANSACTIONS n Scott Kaufer to Kevin Recemus, $210,000; Harveys Lake. n Alanna Gretschel et al. to Maria Coons, $155,000; Kingston. n Edward T. Featherstone to Farhang Astaneh, $156,500; Dallas. n Jenna A. Linquist et al. to Andrew P. Price et al., $107,000; Freeland. n Michael Sowinski et al. to Esther Gregorina Soto, $116,000; Centre Street, Freeland. n John T. Prokopovich III et al. Jacqueline R. Reese, $144,000; Butler Twp. n Marcial Anziani to Andres Barrera Cedeno, $102,000; Hazleton. n Michael Ashton et al. to Jennifer L. Briscoe et al., $167,000; Conyngham. n Galen G. P. Gillett Jr. et al. to Brian Harris, $159,500; Sugarloaf Twp. n ASE Jr. Property Management LLC to Joseph A. Osiecki, $130,800; Duryea Street, Duryea. n Mark S. Graham et al. to Michelle L. Wilkus, $115,900; Rice Twp. n Christopher Yurewick to Marvin Medrano, $137,000; West Hazleton. n Martin R. Olson to Terie Oelke, $127,000; Harveys Lake. n Sekhar Chadasa et al. to Maple Lane Mobile Home Estates LLC, $550,000; Foster Twp.

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