TC Line: Outrageous Views

January 5, 2019

Outrageous viewpoints

I encourage you to keep up the good work presenting representative samples of the wide scatter of viewpoints that people in our community hold. It’s good for us all to be aware of what outrageous viewpoints other people hold.

Thank you

Two senior ladies would like to thank the two Vietnam veterans for paying for our breakfast at Village Inn (on Wednesday). We were absolutely overwhelmed. Thank you again, and God bless you.

Leanin’ Tree

One week ago, Boulder County lost Ed Trumble, the founder of the Leanin’ Tree museum. What a privilege it was to have this museum so near to us for so many years.

Obeying laws?

Here’s the mystery of the day. How can a society that just can’t seem to stop for stop signs all the time be so concerned about the adherence to immigration laws, whatever they are?

Democratic reps

I just finished listening to the news and quite a few interviews, and I’ve got a comment about many of our new Democratic Congress (members): They don’t have the intelligence God gave a goose. What does that say about the people who elected them?

Lewis Geyer

Thank you to Times-Call photographer Lewis Geyer for the front page photo of the kids at the library in Friday’s paper. You started my smile machine for the day.

Voting for compassion

Thank you, voters of Boulder County, for voting for compassion over the old standard operating procedure of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. If we choose compassion, I know the lawyers won’t make as much money, but we may live in a happier place. Let’s try it.

2109 baby

My mother was a hands-on proof reader for the Longmont Times-Call back in the mid-1950s. There are often many typo errors in this paper, but (the) 2109 birth announcement tops them all. I bet Mom’s turning over in her grave.

Border wall

• President Trump, we need a border wall. End of discussion.

• If you’re a property owner and you side with the Democrats about a Southern border barrier. I’ve got only one request of you: Tear down your own fence.

• So, a wall makes you immoral? That’s perfect. I agree. ... Barack and Michelle, immoral. Al Gore, immoral. Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer, immoral. ... All ... that have walls around their homes, immoral.

• The U.S. government has plans to protect U.S. citizens by building a wall. Before we spend all this money, I would offer a word of historical caution: The Berlin wall was built to keep communist Berlin communist. It took 28 years but ultimately failed, unfortunately not before hundreds of lives were lost.

• In the Times-Call ... Jan. 4. I see the House passed a spending bill. Well that’s kind of true. Actually the House passed a bill two weeks ago when it was the old House. So, yeah, we need to a wall. Build a wall. Quit playing games.

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