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Sharon: Palestinian Firebombers Should be ‘Eliminated’ With AM-Israel, Bjt

June 27, 1988

ARIEL, Occupied West Bank (AP) _ Right-wing Cabinet Minister Ariel Sharon demanded Monday that Palestinian firebombers be ″eliminated″ and Arabs involved in violent anti-Israeli protests be deported.

Sharon, the Trade and Industry minister, toured this Jewish settlement to inaugurate four industrial plants. Ariel, with a population of 8,000, is about 19 miles north of Jerusalem.

Sharon has been leading a chorus of political hardliners and Jewish settlers who insist on tougher army action to quell the 6-month-old Arab uprising in the Israeli-occupied territories.

″A terrorist should be eliminated. People throwing Molotov cocktails (firebombs) should be eliminated. People who are involved in violence should be expelled from the country,″ said Sharon, a former defense minister who engineered Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon.

He would not elaborate when asked what he meant by ″eliminated.″

Sharon and others have repeatedly denounced Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin and stepped up their criticism last week after an Israeli farmer was bludgeoned to death and a Jewish settler stabbed. Both attacks were blamed on Arabs.

Sharon told reporters in Ariel on Monday that Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir must ″instruct the defense minister to impose law and order immediately. And if the prime minister is not successful ... there are always means to solve it. To replace him (Rabin) is a possibility.″

Sharon, a member of Shamir’s right-wing Likud bloc, also criticized the left-leaning Labor Party, whose leaders have said only a political settlement can end the uprising during which 211 Palestinians and four Israelis have died. Rabin is a Labor member.

″The root of evil is that some in the political establishment are constantly trying to explain that the solution can only be political,″ Sharon said. ″This just prevents the forces (the army) from taking all the necessary steps.″

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