Man indicted on charges of assaulting Border Patrol agent

September 15, 2018

A Honduran man accused of attacking a Border Patrol agent pleaded not guilty to the charges Thursday morning.

Arnold Omar Trosty-Reyes is accused of assaulting Border Patrol Agent Mario Gonzalez at around 7:15 a.m. on Aug. 8 after Gonzalez and another Border Patrol agent, Mario Vicencio, responded to a group of people spotted on a camera entering the country illegally.

A federal grand jury indicted Trosty-Reyes on Sept. 4.

According to courtroom testimony, Gonzalez and Vicencio spotted Trosty-Reyes and ordered him to stop, but the suspect instead ran toward Vicencio, who commanded him to stop, and then back toward Gonzalez, whom Trosty-Reyes allegedly tackled to the ground, assumed a full mount, struck the agent with a closed first up to five times and pressed his left arm against Gonzalez’s throat.

When pepper spray didn’t stop Trosty-Reyes, Vicencio grabbed the man in a bear hug from behind, pulling him off of Gonzalez, ending the attack, according to court testimony.

Gonzalez, who suffered bruising from the attack, was taken to the hospital, as was Trosty-Reyes, who had been exposed to the pepper spray and because he had been hit with a baton during the incident.

The Border Patrol agents were not wearing body cameras, and there is no video of the alleged attack from the Border Patrol unit, according to court testimony.


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