It’s not just affordable housing that’s in short supply in Philly. So is middle class housing.

October 10, 2018

By Staff

Don’t call the Kenney administration’s new report on Philadelphia’s housing market an affordable-housing plan. Sure, there are plenty of recommendations aimed at helping the city’s poor keep a roof over their head. But the report goes after bigger fish. Its ultimate goal is to ensure that Philadelphia remains a middle-class city, no matter how many Comcasts or Amazons come to dominate our skyline.

The plan, which is being released today, is a response to the upheavals of Philadelphia’s decadelong building boom, which has turned some neighborhoods into glowing islands of affluence while completely bypassing others. Despite the furious arguments over gentrification and the 10-year property-tax abatement, this is the first time the city has ever tried to assess the housing needs of every income group, from the chronically homeless to the people scouting for million-dollar condos in Center City.

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