Moron of the Morning: Driver Throws Speeding Ticket, Receives Littering Ticket

January 24, 2019

A Manitoba driver tried to trash their speeding ticket in front of the RCMP officer who gave it to them – and then was promptly fined for littering.

Manitoba RCMP posted a video Tuesday showing a driver on an unidentified highway taking their recently issued speeding ticket and holding it out the window, where it’s caught by the wind and blown away.

The driver was then issued a $174 ticket for littering. No word on whether that ticket went out the window, too. We’d like to point out that an unreadable licence plate is also a fineable offence under the Highway Traffic Act. Also, that’s a rather pretty sky. Watch the video here: https://twitter.com/rcmpmb/status/1087882087955341313

-Global News: https://globalnews.ca/news/4877979/manitoba-driver-throws-speeding-ticket-out-the-window-gets-littering-ticket/

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