Election is today in city

February 20, 2019

Watertown voters are heading to the polls today to cast ballots for mayor and aldermen for Districts 3 and 7 for the primary election.

Only two candidates in each race will move forward to the general election on Tuesday, April 2.

First District Alderwoman Emily McFarland and 4th District Alderman Kurt Larsen of the Watertown Common Council, former mayor and Alderman Fred Smith and former District 9 Alderman Jim Romlein are the four candidates running for mayor.

The position is currently held by Mayor John David who has completed two consecutive three-year terms. Under city term limits, David cannot run for re-election in April.

Steve Board, Chris Ruetten and Stephanie Bykowski are candidates for the 3rd District alderman. The position is currently held by Alderman Ken Berg but he was not eligible to run for re-election.

Cindia Cameron, Judith Cornell and Eric Schmid are running for District 7 alderman. Augie Tietz is currently alderman for District 7 but because of term limits he was not eligible to seek re-election.

The polls opened at 7 o’clock this morning and will close at 8 o’clock tonight.

There are no other primaries in Dodge County or Jefferson County.