Experts: It’s not too late to get a flu vaccination

March 18, 2019

It’s not too late.

That was the message today from health experts who urge area residents to get vaccinated against influenza.

Flu season so far has been mild, they said, but doctors are seeing an increase in cases caused by another strain of the virus -- one that could be particularly harmful to children and older people.

“We have been fortunate that locally we have seen mostly the old tried and true H1N1 (strain) this season,” Allen County Health Commissioner Dr. Deborah McMahan said in a statement. “However, the season is not over, and just last week the state did report an uptick in the H3N2 strain. I would have to see people have spring break plans ruined because they didn’t utilize available prevention measures.”

Dr. Scott Stienecker, medical director for epidemiology and infection prevention for Parkview Health, said his hospital had been seeing 10 to 15 flu cases per day earlier this year. Now the number has risen to about 45 people per day.

“Flu has started to shoot up,” Stienecker said.