Humble resident releases second book to help create leaders

October 11, 2018

Local author Kevin Bowser hopes his newly released book, “The Emotionally Agile Leader,” will help people develop their emotional intelligence to become future leaders.

Bowser got his inspiration to write his latest book from the Rockhopper Penguin. In his book he mentions how he saw a documentary about the small penguin and was fascinated on how they endure the harsh waves to get to their breeding ground.

“They developed a habit over time that instead of climbing up the cliff as you would expect and just kind of bracing for the wave to hit them, they begin to sense the timing of the waves and when the wave comes instead of presenting their broad side of their body, they turn to face the wave and because they’re more streamlined the wave doesn’t knock them off the cliff,” Bowser said.

Watching how the penguin faced their challenges got Bowser thinking about his latest book.

Readers can learn the story of not only the Rockhopper Penguin, which is mentioned in the beginning of the 109-page book but also understand what emotional intelligence is and how to develop that skill to better interact with others and oneself.

“Emotional Intelligence, if you don’t know, there’s four aspects to it,” Bowser said. “How aware am I of myself? Am I aware of how I’m coming across? How do I manage that? Control my impulses, control my emotions. The third aspect is how socially aware? How you’re sitting and how you’re listening, how you’re responding. Then the fourth thing becomes obvious, how do I manage this interaction?”

Bowser said a higher EQ (emotional intelligence) correlates with a person being more successful in whatever field.

On the cover of Bowser’s book, there’s an illustration of a cheetah to represent agility.

“You see that cheetah and he’s running as fast as he can and he pivots and he turns … I wanted to capture the ethos of agility and be able to take the input that comes to me everyday as a leader and respond to that just as quick,” Bowser said.

Readers will also meet three characters Sean, Jim and Steve that are going through everyday situations and learning to become a leader.

“My editor said to create a character and write to them. My writing style is very conversational and she said to keep writing like that but have in mind three people that you’re going to write to,” Bowser said.

Bowser hopes this book will reach young developing leaders or anyone trying to advance in their life.

“(The book) is intentionally thin because my target audience is young developing emerging leaders and I want to give them stories, I want to give them anecdotes, specific things that have happened in my life and experiences that I’ve had that talk about emotional intelligence as it relates to leadership and talk about the various people that you’ll meet in your world,” Bowser said.

Bowser’s book can be purchased online on Amazon.


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