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On the Light Side

January 30, 1987

DALLAS (AP) _ Kanda the Great was a natural oddsmaker and media star, but zoo officials say the ape needs a little coaching at just being himself.

″We want him to learn to behave like a gorilla,″ said Joe Christman, a mammal zoologist for the Dallas Zoo.

Kanda’s mother died when he was born and the 4-year-old has never had prolonged contact with other gorillas, Christman said. But the ape’s talent for picking NFL winners has put him in touch with plenty of broadcasters.

Kanda, whose television credits include ″The NFL Today″ and ″Good Morning America,″ left Wednesday for the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colo., to learn to live with his own kind.

Zookeepers hope to socialize Kanda by letting him mix with primates his own size and age.

Three years ago, after being challenged by a Dallas sports columnist, Kanda easily outpicked sports reporters and tallied a four-week record of 33-22-1.

Kanda made his predictions by choosing one of two slips of paper bearing team names.


NEW SALEM, N.D. (AP) - Residents are wondering if anybody here really knows what time it is.

The city learned recently that it has been running behind its time for almost 30 years.

Searching for outdated ordinances, officials found one dated June 1957 that mandated Central Time as New Salem’s official time. However, the city has been running on Mountain Time.

″We couldn’t go ahead with it,″ recalled Lawrence Thiele, a city councilman 30 years ago. ″The farmers were so against it. They really stormed it.″

The present city council has asked residents what they think. The straw poll will not be binding.

″I hope this doesn’t stir up a hornet’s nest,″ said Mayor Ralph Erhardt.

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