Digital Mike: Crop artwork website is good warm up for Minnesota State Fair

September 1, 2018


I have many stops I plan on my visit to the Minnesota State Fair each year. Some get done, others do not, depending on the time, mission and crowds. Sometimes I’m there to work, other times it’s to enjoy and maybe even take in the University of Minnesota Marching Band to see my favorite trombone player. But if you get a chance, check out some of the exhibits, including the crop art.

Crop art

Crop art is among the wonderful traditions at the Minnesota State Fair that seems to have surged back again, possibly through the sharing on the internet. Here’s a good spot to look over some entries, but not many. I couldn’t find a good site that showed much of what’s entered. It probably exits, so see what you can find. This spot is good with some past entries. What kind of seeds make for good crop art entries? Click this link to see this gentleman’s fun explanation.


State Fair People

Since I’m still lingering on the State Fair kick — it does run through Labor Day — I thought I’d pull a few more faves. People are abundant, if not, overly plentiful at the State Fair. It’s a challenge, but a good thing, because it makes for phenomenal people watching while you stop for a beverage or a bite to eat. Here’s one good Instagram site for noting the folks who comprise the crowd.


More shirts

I touted the T-shirts of the State Fair site last week, but here’s its Instagram site. Remember, not all are for young eyes or sensitive tastes. Take a more Libertarian view that they’re exercising their rights and wish them well in their endeavors. One of my favorite shirts thus far: “Bacon is the duct tape of the kitchen.” Take a look, offer up your own entry, if you so choose.


Nelson’s food

Rick Nelson, the Star Tribune’s food writer, is a wonderful wealth of knowledge and talent. I love his annual ranking of new Minnesota State Fair foods. Yes, he tries them, armed with a bundle of cash from his employer. He also has an Instagram page. You won’t see all his picks and pans from the Fair, but he’s got a good eye (think an artistically squished Sweet Martha’s chocolate chip cookie on the ground), but if you follow him, you’ll also get some of his food picks from the year. If you want to read his results, click on this Star Tribune link. I like the First Kiss apple.


Rochester list

The Rochester Mom’s Blog is out with its list of 2018 favorite things. It’s good to sample these sorts of lists and see what you might be missing in the Queen City. Some lists are brought to you by their advertising dollars, while others are truly independent. So take all with a grain of salt. I like this one, because it dabbles in a variety of places that make up Rochester. Like I said, sample, and use it to scout our where you live and learn what makes it unique. Then dig around on the blog, you’ll find more items of interest.


Academy of American Poets

I’ve always enjoyed poetry, probably because I can’t seem to write it. I admire those who do. Here’s the Academy of American Poets’ site. I’ve included a poem below from Carl Sandburg. Give it a click or go to the main page to sign up for a daily poem in your in box. We can always use a little poetry, why not sample it or sign up?


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