Another good week of fishing

July 22, 2018

It was a good week for area anglers with a ton of fish being caught. Last week I suggested that drum would be biting up at Lake North, but I thought it would be a few more weeks for white bass but their group up and chasing shad. The schools are in their different size classes you would get into 3-pound class the next day be in pound-and-a-half size fish.

Mike Flahave caught a 6-pound 4-ounce walleye at Lake North using a cicada. A lot of sauger and walleye are being caught again. Lake North for the whole year has had some kind of action best in a very long time for walleye, sauger, never better.

Graham Starostka landed and realed a master angler largemouth using a bluegill part. I wonder what he’d catch if he used the whole fish?

Mike Woerth and James Paul won the Merritt Walleye Tournament with a grand total of 23-pound 4-ounce, with five fish, and the fish had to be in the slot limit. They now have ensured enough points that they won team of the year with the Nebraska Walleye Trail.

They caught the walleye on shaky shad. Now on to where do you shaky shad right now -- they’re out waiting for their next shipment and who came up with these lures is two natives of Columbus, Bill McGannon and Brian Hunke. They started up walleye nation creations that must have been trying to complete that business. I will carry their lures as soon as the next shipment comes in.

Dan Kneifel is the manager of Geno’s Minno Mart in Columbus. His column on fishing and other outdoor activities will appear Sundays during the fishing season.

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