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Armenian Convicted Of Killing Politician

October 22, 1993

LONDON (AP) _ An Armenian interpreter received two life sentences for his role in the murder of an east European politician and the politician’s brother to stop them from allegedly buying missiles to attack Armenia.

A jury on Thursday found Gagic Ter-Ogannisyan, 33, guilty of murdering his employers, Ruslan Outsiev, 38, and Nazerbeck Outsiev, 20, in their luxury London penthouse in February.

Ter-Ogannisyan did not testify, but through his lawyer admitted to helping dispose of Ruslan’s body after he was shot by others.

The motive for the killings could lie in the ″murky waters of eastern European political intrigue or power struggles,″ prosecutor John Hilton said.

An Armenian intelligence agent in Britain who was also charged with the murders hanged himself in prison.

Ruslan claimed to be prime minister of the self-proclaimed Chechen republic, an oil-rich province in southern Russia that proclaimed independence in 1991.

He was in Britain arranging for the printing of passports, currency and stamps for the republic, Hilton said.

But the Armenian intelligence agency believed he was planning to buy 2,000 Stinger surface-to-air missiles for use against Armenia in its war with Azerbaijan.

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