ST. MARTINVILLE, La. (AP) _ Five Cuban detainees at a jail took the warden and three deputies hostage Monday. One of the deputies was released after six hours of negotiations.

The hostages were taken in an ``uprising'' at the St. Martin Parish Jail that began shortly after 4 p.m. as the detainees left a rooftop exercise area and grabbed the guards, Sheriff Charles Fuselier said. The detainees were armed with a homemade knife, but no injuries were reported.

``They have always tried to escape,'' Fuselier said. ``Their big demand is that they want to leave the country.''

A SWAT team from the jail and FBI and Immigration and Naturalization Service officials were called to the scene.

Lafayette television station KLFY television said Maria Placer, the station's vice president for news, was relaying messages between one of the inmates, Jonne Ponte, and negotiators after the inmate called her at the station.

He said he has been held for 13 years and was frustrated at the lack of progress in his case, the station said, and he wanted to go on television to plead his case and trusted Ms. Placer because she could talk to him in Spanish.

INS spokesman Mike Gilhooly said he could not verify how long the inmate had been in jail.

Ms. Placer and a crew from the station went into the prison but it was not clear if they were playing a part in the negotiations. The station broadcast images of two of the shackled hostages but did not air any comments from the inmates.

Several Louisiana jails hold Cubans for federal immigration officials, pending deportation or other action.

St. Martinville is about 10 miles southeast of Lafayette in south-central Louisiana.