UNMC tops $135 million in research funding – a new record

August 5, 2018

OMAHA - The University of Nebraska Medical Center has topped $135 million in researching funding for fiscal year 2018, up 15.8 percent from the previous year.Dr. Jennifer Larsen is the Vice Chancellor for Research and says there were increases in the total number of grants, unique principal investigators, the number of faculty on grants and in the average size of grants. Some of this funding will be used in clinical research trials that will impact many Nebraskans.Dr. Larsen says, “In some cases, these research awards are directly related to clinical trials. That means that these are new pharmaceutical agents that may make a difference in the immediate impact of the people who are participating in the trial, particularly in the area of cancer.”The Eppley Institute for Cancer Research saw a 19.5 percent increase in research awards. The Munroe-Meyer Institute saw a nearly 40 percent increase and the college of medicine over 11 percent.$1.27 million will focus on taking small molecules into new biomarkers or treatment for cancer diseases.$2.1 million will used for novel strategies to address in-route care of warfighters who sustain lung injury.$1.64 million will be dedicated to a multi-project grant focused on understanding pancreatic cancer metastasis.$1.14 million will be used to grow and develop the Nebraska Center for Nano-medicine for strategies to transform medicines to make them more effective in reaching their target.$510,000 will be used for community strategies that might improve the physical activity of youth$280,000 will be used for mobile technology strategy to engage rural men in losing weight.Dr. Larsen says, “These are monies that will spent in Nebraska. We will be able to hire Nebraskans, but also in the case of students and trainees, that they have experience in working in projects that are cutting edge at a national level so it helps their future job opportunities as well.”

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