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What They’ve Said About Larry Bird

October 1, 1998

Here are some things that coaches and players have said about Larry Bird.

``Larry is from passion and from basketball.″

Former Celtics coach K.C. Jones

``If he couldn’t have played in the pros, he’d be one of the guys playing in the back yard.″

Former Celtics player Tommy Heinsohn

``He was the country bumpkin from French Lick. ... That always excites the press. When in reality, he’s a very bright guy.″

Celtics executive Red Auerbach

``You could set your life schedule by the Boston Celtics schedule, knowing at 7:30 Larry would be putting on an unbelievable show every night.″

Former Celtics player Bill Walton

``Not everybody can be like Bird ... . There has to be room for mortals too.″

Celtics General Manager Chris Wallace

``I was always told at a young age I wasn’t big enough, wasn’t strong enough, wasn’t quick enough and couldn’t jump. I fooled ’em, didn’t I?″

Larry Bird

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