Bill Leslie: Greening of the mountains

May 7, 2019

Fall is when most of us book our reservations in the North Carolina mountains. We crave the cozy glow of autumn colors by the crackle of campfire.

Spring has cast its own spell on me this year. I’ve come to celebrate the greening of the mountains. The colors create a kaleidoscope of emerald, shamrock, lime, pickle and sage across the rocky landscape.

The roads are less crowded now. There is more time for thinking and quiet reflection. The birds sing with renewed vigor in the spring. Wildflowers wake up from their wintry sleep and delight us with glorious colors.

My wife Cindy and I are planning to drive the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway in October. I think we may do it again next spring. It’s so incredibly beautiful and hopeful this time of year in the mountains.

What is your favorite time of the year in the mountains? I would love to hear your stories and reflections. My email address is bleslie@wral.com.