Needville expands offerings at fair booth

September 24, 2018

Fans of Needville Choir Boosters’ booth in Building B at the Fort Bend County Fair have even more reasons to look forward to it this year, with the addition of two new ering varieties of homemade fries.

Southern Country Fries will be topped with sausage cream gravy, and Baked Potato Fries will feature cheese, chives, ranch dressing and bacon bits.

Choir Boosters President Lisa Morphis said the new flavors join past favorites such as Not Yo Momma chili cheese fries that include jalapenos, seasoned hot fries, garlic parmesan fries and much more.

Choir Director Rodney Bell said the group’s “pound o’ fries” is a huge hit with fair-goers because they are fresh-cut on-site and served piping-hot.

Additional offerings for the Choir Booth are Chick-fil-A sandwiches and chicken nuggets they will be selling, along with ice-cold Coca-Cola products. Chick-fil-A will deliver every two hours, and more often if needed.

Bell said the Choir Booth’s slogan is “Fresh-cut fries your way” because each order of fries is made from a fresh, 1-pound potato.

Nearly 200 students and their parents volunteer at the booth each year, with students washing, peeling and cutting the potatoes and taking orders while parents do the frying.

“Proceeds from the booth at the county fair support all Needville ISD choirs, from kindergarten through twelfth grade,” said Morphis.

While most of the proceeds go to scholarships for graduating senior choir members, some funds are used to purchase equipment and other needs for all grade levels.

“Of course, our main goal is to give as much scholarship money as possible so our choir students can go to college, and this booth at the fair has allowed us to be very successful with that,” Morphis said. “We used to give $6,000 in scholarships, but last year we were able to give $10,000.”

This marks only the third year the choir has had the booth at the fair, and its popularity continues to grow, helping more and more students in the process.

Choir Boosters volunteers also raise funds by manning the concession stands for all Needville High School baseball and softball games, and will be taking tickets at next month’s 35th annual Needville Harvest Fest.

“We want to make sure elementary school music teacher Terrel Riha and high school choir directors Stanley Petrisky and Rodney Bell have everything they need to make our choir all they want it to be. We’re here to support them in everything they need,” Morphis said.

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