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Bright & Brief

July 6, 1985

HIALEAH GARDENS, Fla. (AP) _ Ties and coats officially are forbidden on city employees until summer’s end, and the mayor has told city officials to snip off ″any and all ties″ they spot on city workers.

The ban, in effect until the temperature drops below 70 degrees, is aimed at encouraging cooler garments, which in turn will lead to better productivity during south Florida’s steamy and tiring months.

Suits in the summertime, says Mayor Daniel Riccio, are no more than ″man’s inhumanity to man dictated by Madison Avenue in New York.″

″It’s too hot,″ said Riccio, who issued the anti-tie proclamation last week. ″They may think I’m a slob, but at least I don’t look like a drowned rat.″


HALLOCK, Minn. (AP) - Fields of grain waving in the breeze on the flat prairie can look like gentle waves on the ocean, but that’s about as close as you’ll get to the sea in this northwestern corner of Minnesota.

That didn’t stop the State Patrol from calling Kittson County sheriff’s dispatcher Joanie Farbo to ask if she had seen a 33-foot Canadian submarine.

″I laughed and told him, ’Not lately,‴ said Ms. Farbo.

She was wrong.

The sub was supposed to surface last week at a festival in St. Paul, courtesy of Canadian developers who have proposed a $1.28 billion convention, hotel, and retail complex in Bloomington, just outside Minneapolis. It is one of four that carries passengers on an artificial lake in Edmonton, Alberta, and the developers want a similar project at the proposed complex.

When the craft failed to arrive via truck, its owners called the State Patrol and the search was on.

″There were some wild reports,″ said Bloomington Mayor Jim Lindau. ″One fisherman, whom I suspect had a beer too many, called to say he had seen a periscope go up on Lake Mille Lacs.″

Eventually, Hallock Police Chief Jim Tri found the truck - and sub - parked at a motel. Because the load exceeded highway weight limits, the driver had stopped at this town near the border until he could get permission to proceed.


CHICAGO (AP) - It can’t be said that Mark DeBruin’s marriage proposal to Sue Hamlin never got off the ground. In fact, it might be said that he went to great heights in making it.

The 26-year-old medical student hired a plane Friday evening to circle the John Hancock Center while the couple dined in a restaurant 95 floors above the street.

The plane trailed a sign that read, ″Sue I love you - will you marry me?″

Miss Hamlin, 23, spotted the plane on its second time around and immediately accepted.

″I was really surprised,″ she said. ″He kept looking out the window, but I thought he was just nervous about a patient. I didn’t know he had something up his sleeve.″