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Car Stereo Thief’s Bad Luck Leads to Sentencing

February 7, 1991

EVANSTON, Ill. (AP) _ A teen-ager has been sentenced to two months’ home confinement and 18 months probation, all because he chose the wrong person to approach with a sales pitch on a stolen car stereo - the rightful owner.

Police say 18-year-old Brian Brammer approached a man on a street last May and offered to sell him a stereo radio Brammer had slipped out of a parked car the previous evening.

It turned out the man was looking for just that sort of car stereo - right down to the same serial number. It had been stolen from his car.

Assistant State’s Attorney Jonathan Lerner said the owner stalled Brammer for a few minutes by saying he had to go back to his apartment to get the $80 Brammer was asking. Once inside, the man called police, who arrested Brammer when they saw him toss the stereo into a nearby yard.

Brammer later pleaded guilty to theft. Under the sentenced imposed Tuesday by Cook County Circuit Judge Joan Corboy, if probation officers find Brammer anywhere but at home or at Evanston Township High School, he goes to prison.

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