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Who’s Who Among Exiles Allowed To Return To Occupied Territories With AM-Israel-Palestinians,

April 5, 1994

Who’s Who Among Exiles Allowed To Return To Occupied Territories With AM-Israel-Palestinians, Bjt

Undated (AP) _ The Palestinian deportees returning to the occupied territories on Tuesday included the first of the generation that began the 1987 uprising against Israel’s occupation. Many remained active while in exile, serving on the committees that advised PLO leader Yasser Arafat on developments in the occupied lands and helping negotiate the autonomy accords. They are expected to form the nascent organization that will become Arafat’s government once the autonomy agreement is implemented. They include:



-Freij Ahmed al-Khairi, 46, Gaza City architect. Arrested in 1968 and sentenced to 13 years in prison on charges of being a member of Fatah. Arrested twice in 1980s and deported in April 1988. Member of the Gaza Supervisory Committee in Tunis.

-Ahmed Abdel-Fatah Nasr, 38, a Khan Younis farmer arrested in 1974 for planting explosives on an Israeli bus. Helped organize the street movement of the uprising and was a member of the Gaza Supervisory Committee.

-Abdullah Abu Samhadaneh, 42, lecturer at Islamic University. Detained four times during 1980s. Deported January 1989.

-Nabil Tammous, 30, Gaza city mechanic. Spent two years in prison from 1985 to 1987. Deported June 1989.

-Jamal Zaquot, 36, from Beach Refugee Camp. Expelled from Egypt, where he was studying medicine, for political activities in 1977. Later earned a degree in sociology in Bulgaria. Sentenced to jail in Gaza for being a member of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine. In December 1986 he married Nayla Ayesh from the West Bank. Two months after his marriage, his wife was jailed for 35 days. Deported in January 1989, he now prominent in the Palestinian Democratic Union, a small group seeking reform in the PLO structure.



-Tayseer Arouri, 49, from Ramallah. Holds a doctorate in physics and lectured at Birzeit University. Member of central committee of the Palestinian Communist Party and a key intefadah organizer. Deported August 1989.

-Marwan Barghouthi, 39, from Ramallah. Head of student council at Birzeit University in the 1980s. Member of Fatah leadership council.

-Ahmed al-Deek, 34, from Tulkarem. As a student at Birzeit University, he was accused of being an intefadeh leader and deported in April 1988. Married to Hanan al-Wazir, whose late father, PLO military chief Khalil Al-Wazir, was believed assassinated by Israeli commandoes.

-Mursi Abu Ghuweileh, 27, from Al-Am’ari Refugee Camp. Deported in August 1988 on accusations of being a Fatah activist after five jail terms starting when he was 16.

-Hussam Khader, 32, deported in January 1988 for organizing the uprising in the Balata Refugee Camp.

-Ghassan Masri, 37, from Nablus. As a student at Najah University he was jailed on accusations of being a Fatah activist and receiving military training in Syria. Deported in April 1988.

-Samir Sbeihat, 40, from Jenin. Head of the student council at Birzeit University. Deported August 1988. In exile was head of the executive committee of the General Union of Palestinian Students.

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