Mike and Diane Kennedy: There needs to be a solution for wild Winona State students

September 19, 2018

Since the arrival of the Winona State University incoming students for the 2018-19 school year, the normal summer evenings around the campus have given way to caravans of loud and often obnoxious young people that have little or no regard for well-mannered behavior.

The amount of vandalism and drunken conduct has been worse than last year, resulting in some very dangerous situations. The current Xcel gas line excavation and replacement project along Wabasha Street for several blocks by the PSC construction contracting company has been plagued by numerous late night acts of vandalism such as tipping over the porta potty, pushing safety barriers and warning lights into excavated holes and removing landscape materials from lawns. Our fence has already been broken twice, even before WSU homecoming weekend, which often results in significant problems with property damage.

The light of day typically inhibits these nitwits from stumbling through their cowardly deeds normally performed in the dark of night. We wrote a letter to the editor last year saying that “WSU homecoming has become synonymous with local property damage.” Our neighbors are afraid to leave town on that weekend.

Come on WSU, campus security and Winona Police Department, let’s be a better “Community of Learners” and find some type of shared solution to these annual weeks of raucous behavior. This minority of students that feel unchallenged and even tolerated, performing unlawful and at times dangerous acts of disrespect to an otherwise welcoming city, need to be controlled.

Mike and Diane Kennedy, Winona

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