INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ A crew member was critically injured when he was struck by a car leaving a pit stop during Sunday's Indianapolis 500.

Steve Fried was directing his driver, Robbie McGehee, out of the pit when he was struck from behind by Jimmy Kite's car.

He flipped into the air, landed on his face and was bleeding badly as he was taken to Methodist Hospital.

Kite, the youngest driver in the race at 23, was leaving his pit when he was hit by another car, forcing him into the crew member.

Kite said he was cleared to pull out of the pit by his own crew. His steering broke when he was struck.

``I was on the brakes as hard as I could. There's nothing you could do with broken steering. I feel bad right now. There's nothing you could do. It's the most helpless feeling I've ever had,'' he said.