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‘It Looked Like Oyster Stew On The Highway’

October 22, 1987

NEW ORLEANS (AP) _ About 2,000 crabs fell onto an interstate highway when the bottom fell out of a refrigerator truck bringing them to market, officials said.

″It looked like oyster stew on the highway,″ police Officer Joe DeJoie said Thursday.

It took a bulldozer several hours to scoop the 1,700 to 2,100 crabs that fell onto Interstate 10 in eastern New Orleans late Wednesday.

Ricky DeHart of Houma was driving the load to market in New Orleans.

″When they scraped the middle lane with the dozer, they had a pile of crabs a foot and a half deep, four feet long and two feet wide,″ DeJoie said.

″You get that many crabs on the interstate and it causes a very slick road surface.″

Most of the crabs were run over by trucks and cars behind DeHart, who got his truck off the road and directed traffic around the pile of shellfish with a flashlight until officers arrived.

DeHart, 28, deserved credit for ″sticking around and keeping it from being worse,″ said Officer Bill Suhre. But he still was cited for spilling his load.